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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What If We Need Help!!

Living so far away from mostly everyone we know is very difficult. My husband has made friends, and I am working on it, but you just can't call someone and say "Hey, can you watch my kids, I need to go somewhere?" that you just met!

We've been blessed with the fact that in the past year we haven't had any major emergencies. The power went out a few times, but luckily the weather wasn't too bad that we didn't freeze or get overheated. A few minor issues with the house, but the Landlord took care of those. What worries me the most is health issues.

Earlier this year I had a minor procedure done. My husband had the kids, and had to drop me off at the hospital alone. I was sad. I felt really lonely. Surgeries are scary enough, but when you're sitting in the hospital alone its a bit worse. Luckily my post op nurses were very wonderful and kept me in good spirits. One wheeled me down to the car at discharge so that Marc, my husband, didn't have to lug the kids in to get me. That night it was almost business as usual with the kids as they didn't understand I needed rest. We could've used an extra person to help out!

This past month my 2 youngest took turns getting sick. Marc was able to get them back and forth to the doctors on lunch hours. Then, my daughter gets worse while my husband was out of town for work! What to do! I call the pediatrician and they say she needs a chest X-ray right away! I don't drive! I don't have anyone I can call! Again, luckily, my husband called a friend who was able to drive me and the kids back and forth from the doctors to the imaging center and home again. Thank goodness he was available!

Next up is a surgery I have scheduled for tomorrow. Its laparoscopic, but still pretty major. My husband is off work, and this time we have care set up for the whole day for the 2 kids at my son's school.  Hopefully the day goes smoothly, and our timing is perfect, and all works out well. They then have plans to be out of the house most of Thursday, so I can (hopefully) get some rest.

This is a time I definitely wish I had someone else here. To talk to, to hold my hand, to tell me everything is going to be ok. Marc has been WONDERFUL and very supportive. I couldn't have asked to be any more there for me than he has been. But to have a support "group" would be great! Maybe in time, as I meet more people and make more friends!