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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Ease of Bromeliads

When we first moved to Florida I had no idea what a Bromeliad (bro mele ad) was. They are tropical plants which are very easy to grow. Bromeliads are epiphytic plants and pull water and moisture from the air. They do not collect water from the soil.

These are my very own bromeliads. The flowering one was only $3.00! These plants are very budget friendly and propagate very quickly.

This arrangement was made from smaller plants that propagated off ones I purchased a few months ago. I love how they look in this multilayered pot!

These 2 pots hold a variety of bromeliads, all which need very little watering and sunlight. I keep these all on the porch and this is the most light they get on an average day.

Did you know that a pineapple is a bromeliad? Once you cut the top off your pineapple, you can twist off the leaves, remove some of the smaller leaves and you will reveal roots! You can then plant the leaves to grow a whole new pineapple plant. I read that it takes well over a year, and this is my first plant, and I am looking forward to the whole process of growing my own!!

One fun thing about having plants in Florida is that you never know who you might meet inside your plants! This little frog was just hanging out, hiding from the sun!

This little anole thought that I didn't see him. All these critters provide entertainment while caring for these plants.