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Monday, November 18, 2013

1 Year Anniversary of Our Big Move

One year ago today I made the biggest move of my life. I, along with my two younger children, left Pittsburgh and moved to Florida. My husband had already been living there for 4 months as he moved before us for the new job he accepted at a college.

Him accepting the job and us realizing we were leaving all our family and friends, and the city we knew so well, was very difficult. One of our children would not be moving with us as he was in college and that made things even harder. 

One year later and I can say I still get homesick. I missed the smell of fall and the brisk air. I miss being familiar with all my surroundings. I miss my family and my son most of all. 

I'm starting to settle in more. I'm talking to my neighbors. Met a few local moms. I'm taking walks and learning the area. But I will always be a Burgh girl.