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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Almost There...

… almost to feeling better, almost to feeling well, almost over it.

2 weeks ago I shared that I was having a hysterectomy via my post A Hysterectomy Poem . A rather personal & emotional journey, but I met it with positivity and a little humor. I read as much as I could about my conditions, the procedure and recovery time. I joined a website of supporters and went over everything with my husband. It was definitely the right choice for me. We were done having children and the pain was too much to bear some days.

Being away from almost everyone you know makes occasions like this difficult. I needed my people. I needed them to be sad with me, I needed them to laugh with me. I needed hugs and to be told everything would be ok. What I did get was a lot of questioning as to why I would have this done. I got a lot of "don't fly home for Christmas so close to surgery" which was upsetting because I was looking so forward to going home. I was cleared by my doctor and thats all that mattered. My traveling went just fine, my visits were nice, and flying didn't have any affect on my recovery at all. What I could have used however, was another shoulder to cry on and some support. Just because I was done having children didn't mean I was 100% happy with the fact that I would never be able to again. It's an emotional surgery, and all surgery to me is scary!

My surgery was done laparoscopically by da Vinci Robot. I have very tiny incisions which after 2 weeks have already begun healing well. I'm still tired, but feeling pretty good. I have my post op appointment tomorrow and learn of any continuing restrictions. Its been a year long, eventful production, and I'm anxious to see how feeling better will affect my life.

I'm almost to feeling better from surgery.
I'm almost to feeling well from the conditions that caused my surgery.
I'm almost over the sadness of needing the surgery and the lack of someone to talk to about the effects it had on me.

If you are facing this challenge and need some support, please feel free to email me!

*This blog post is part of the Bloggy Mom's Blog Dare 2014