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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fruit and Veggie Co-Op

A great thing about moving to Florida is all the wonderful fresh produce. The cost is much more budget friendly than back in PA and we've found that helpful with our plans to eat better.

We were also excited to find a fruit and veggie co-op in the area. Every other week we pay $50 for a mixed box of organic goodies! We don't know what we are getting until that week and it's always a great surprise! 

The co-op has exposed us to many fruits and veggies we may not have tried otherwise, and some we never even heard of! Patty pan squash, Romensco cauliflower and tangelos are just an example!

My kids now love tri-colored carrots and usually eat them up the same day we get them. We are all loving the better taste of the organic produce and are eating more because of it! 

The fruit and veggie co-op has also inspired us to look into growing our own produce, and we hope to start on that soon!